Fantasista Exhibition

Fantasista 2013 is a celebration of contemporary football art and an exhibition that is inspired by the rapid rise of the ‘football artist’ in the digital age.
We have brought together an incredibly talented group of artists whose work truly encapsulates the fun, the imagery, and the emotional highs and lows of the world’s most popular game.
The exhibition will launch with an opening event in Summer of 2013 in a Central London location.
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Zoran Lucić

No two Zoran Lucić creations are the same, and yet his work is instantly identifiable and always outstanding. A true star of the ‘soccer art’ world he has an eye for the iconic and a style that feels intrinsically ‘football’.
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Dan Leydon

A prolific and hugely popular artist, Dan’s work speaks for itself. Often topical and always thought provoking, his striking graphic style, imaginative concepts and occasational twist of humour set him apart from other digital artists.

Naoki Terada

Naoki Terada is a Japanese architect and designer. His paper sculptures are something we find totally unique. His work is exhibited as1/100 scale models and beautifully lit photograpy.

Stanley Chow

A hugely talented illustratior based in Manchester, Stanley Chow has worked prolifically through the Design, Editorial and Advertising sectors. A Club DJ, he started out illustrating flyers and posters for the venues he played.

Richard Swarbrick

Richard Swarbrick’s award winning football animations have had a huge viral impact chalking up millions of views on YouTube. His distinctive, graceful style captures the beautiful game in all it’s glory.

Sahara Charles

At 22 Sahara is the youngest artist exhibiting at Fantasista. Her uniquely styled illustrations display a passion for sport and have earned her a rapidly growing online following.

Haarala Hamilton

If you’re a fan of food you probably own a celebrity cook book photographed by this husband and wife duo. The couple, who are renowned for their football photography, are cooking up a new exciting project for Fantasista 2013.

Steve Welsh

Showcased by Four Four Two, FHM and the National Football Museum, Steve takes a distinctly left-field view of the beautiful game. His work doesn’t take itself too seriously, and occasionally nods to historic events or subversive concepts.

Graeme Bandeira

English artist Graeme Bandeira’s work has been featured by many popular football magazines including Sky Sports. Graeme, who has a spontaneous style, uses good old fashioned pen & ink and claims to scribe without due care and attention!