Lauren, who discribes herself as a fan of football, fiction and friends will be contributing her considerable writing skills to the fantasita blog. The blog will feature articles about all things football as well as interviews with the artists.

Football and Theatre

Football and Theatre by Lauren Carroll It starts with the build-up. People swarming outside before they take their seats to watch the action. The agonising development of tension as the stage is set and the story unfolds. Baying crowds, surging emotion, warring factions, competing discourses. Conflict. Resolution.

I’m talking about theatre; theatre in the most conventional sense, where actors re-enact narratives designed to evoke a reaction from a live crowd. But I could just as easily have been describing the events which take place up and down the country on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, in colossal stadiums and in local parks, watched by millions on a weekly basis.

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Fantasista Q&A

Far more than just a social network, Twitter has blossomed within the past few years to become the ultimate tool for artists to share their work, gain feedback, generate interest and interact with those who admire their art. The artists behind the Fantasista – The Art of the Number 10 exhibition are the powering forces behind the rise of the ‘football artist’ in the digital age, and have harnessed Twitter’s unique networking capabilities in order to share their talent with a broader audience. Continue reading

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