An Introduction to Fantasista

I started working with Richard just a few months ago and Fantasista was initially conceived as a vehicle through which we could promote Richard his work.

It has quickly evolved into something significantly more than that.

At a Central London venue, in Summer of 2013, Fantasista will bring together many of the finest football artists from around the world for the launch of our first showcase exhibition Fantasista – The Art of the Number 10. The Fantasista 2013 exhibition, will be a celebration of contemporary football art inspired by the rapid rise of the ‘football artist’ in the digital age.

Our focus is currently on the launch event, but with interest from around the country and overseas we are also planning a longer run open to the public which we will announce in due course.

All the artists involved were invited by us to exhibit at Fantasista 2013, but we want to encourage anyone that is interested in taking part or being involved to contact us.

Even if you can’t be part of the exhibition itself, we will share the best of your work.


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